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Overview of Green Building in Washington, DC
Community Facility Financing - picture of THEARC

DHCD's Development Finance Division provides funding to assist with the development of community and commercial facilities that serve District of Columbia neighborhoods. These facilities include community office buildings, clinics, day care centers and recreation centers.

Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) are eligible for certain set-aside funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).

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We Are DC logo

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) provides funding to highly-qualified Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations (CBOs) who support the agency’s affordable housing and community development programs.

Picture of condominium building

The Rental Conversion and Sale Division (CASD) administers the Rental Housing Conversion and Sale Act of 1980, as amended (D.C. Law 3-86) (the Conversion Act) and the Condominium Act of 1976 Technical and Clarifying Amendment Act, as amended (D.C. Law 9-82) (the Condominium Act).

Development and Finance

DHCD's Development Finance Division (DFD) provides funding for the development of rental, homeownership and community facility developments that serve District of Columbia neighborhoods.

The Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP) provides assistance to employees of the District of Columbia Government who are purchasing a home in the District for the first time.  The EAHP funded property must be owner occupied and the employee’s primary residence.  Employees of District...

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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Fair Housing Complaints
File a Fair Housing Complaint
Fair Housing Responsibilities of CDBG and HOME Funds Subrecipients

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

DHCD, through a network of DC community-based organizations [PDF], provides counseling services for homeowners who are behind in their mortgage payments, or who are subject to foreclosure.

The Home Purchase Assistance (HPAP) program provides interest-free loans and closing cost assistance to qualified applicants to purchase single family houses, condominiums, or cooperative units.

The Home Purchase Rehabilitation Program provides applicants under the DHCD’s suite of Home Purchase Assistance Programs an additional option for becoming first-time homebuyers.

Picture of rehabilitated home

DHCD offers several programs that assist eligible single family homeowners with essential repairs.  These programs help residents bring homes up to D.C.

The Office of Program Monitoring oversees DHCD’s management of homelessness prevention grants from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including the Emergency Shelter Grant and Shelter Plus Care Grant, along with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009’s Homelessn

Giving You The Keys to Your New Home

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is committed to providing homeownership opportunities to District of Columbia low-to-moderate income residents who are first time homebuyers purchasing in the District of Columbia.  The homebuyer assistance programs are the Home Purcha

District funding is available for programs focused on housing needs and neighborhood revitalization. Through Community Based Organizations (CBO), services include housing counseling, small business technical assistance, and façade improvement opportunities.

Housing and Condominium Regulation covers many topics, including:

Housing Counselor Meeting with Potential Homeowners

Our partner network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) provides counseling services and training to tenants, potential homeowners, and current homeowners.

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DHCD Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations (CBO) provide housing counseling services and training to potential homeowners, current homeowners, and tenants, focusing on low-to-moderate income residents and neighborhoods.