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Annual Owner’s Certification of Continuing Program Compliance (AOC)

Owners of properties financed through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), and Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) programs are required to report annually to the Portfolio and Asset Management Division (PAMD) regarding their continuing compliance with federal and local regulations governing the District of Columbia.

These properties are required to submit an Annual Owner’s Certification of Continuing Program Compliance (AOC) form in accordance with LIHTC, HOME, and HPTF Program regulations. Further, LIHTC funded properties are required to pay an Annual Compliance Monitoring Fee. Annual Owner's Certification should be submitted no later than Friday, May 31, 2024. Failure to submit AOC forms and/or Annual Compliance Monitoring fee by May 1, 2023 will result in the issuance of a Notice of Noncompliance or, for LIHTC, an IRS Form 8823 as applicable.

Beginning with the 2023 reporting year, annual owner certification documents and tenant data will be submitted electronically via the Certification Portal, link below, of our new software system, Emphasys.

Emphasys Certification Portal

Basic Instructions for AOC Submission

  1. Log in to the Emphasys Certification Portal and navigate to the property you wish to complete the AOC.
  2. Navigate to the Annual Owner Certification tab.
  3. Enter the certification period: 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023.
    1. DHCD will return properties with incorrect certification periods to be resubmitted.
  4. Complete the AOC questions as applicable to your property.
  5. You may save it anytime and come back to complete it later.
  6. When the AOC is complete, select the Submit Certification button.
  7. Click the Annual Owner Certification form button. This will open a printable version of the completed AOC.
  8. Print to PDF and ensure the appropriate individual representing the ownership entity completes the signature fields. This form does not require notarization.
  9. Rename the signed PDF using the following naming format: 2023 AOC DC-Property Name.
    1. Example: 2023 AOC Hill East Apartments
  10. Upload the file and any additional documentation listed below to the “Upload Files” section of the Certification portal.
    1. Violence Against Women transfer plan.
    2. Rent Roll through December 31, 2023
    3. Affirmative Fair Marketing Housing Plan Form
    4. Any certifications for program or fair housing training on-site staff received during 2023.
    5. Completed 8609 for the property.
    6. Program questions excel form for funding other than LIHTC.
  11. Tenant/Household data will need to be built into the Certification Portal by the management company.

Additional Resources

Certification Portal Guide

Emphasys Certification Portal video training

Super User Designation Form

Other Required Forms for Submission

  1. 2024 Program Questions - A blank copy of this form is under the “Miscellaneous” tab of Emphasys.
  1. Violence Against Women (VAWA) transfer plan.
  1. Affirmative Fair Marketing Housing Plan.
  1. Staff certifications received during 2023.
  1. Completed Part II of 8609 for property.

For any other questions or assistance regarding AOC submission through Emphasys Certification Portal, please send an email to the PAMD’s Annual Owner’s Certification mailbox at [email protected].