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Employer-Assisted Housing Program (EAHP)

The Employer-Assisted Housing Program (EAHP) offers eligible District government employees a deferred, 0% interest loan and a matching funds grant for down payment and closing costs to purchase their first single family home, condominium, or cooperative unit in the District.

The down payment assistance is a loan for the purchase of a principal residence in the District. The borrowers sign a promissory note secured with a subordinate deed of trust recorded against the property. The loan has zero interest, and no payments are required until the property is: (1) is sold or transferred; (2) no longer occupied as principal residence; or (3) refinanced with cash out.

There is no income cap for EAHP applicants, nor is there a cash contribution requirement. The maximum first trust loan amount cannot exceed the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) conventional loan limit for the District of Columbia. The provision of EAHP assistance is subject to funding availability.


On October 4, 2017, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the following enhancements to EAHP (as approved in the FY 2018 Budget Support Act):

  1. For all District government employees:
  • An expansion of the maximum loan amount to $20,000.
  • An increase in a matching funds grant to a maximum $5,000.

     2. For first responders and educators*:  

  • Up to $10,000 in down payment assistance in the form of a recoverable grant is available to participants who agree to a five-year service obligation.
  • Participants must maintain the property as their principal residence for five years and satisfy a five-year service commitment signed at the time of the home purchase.
  • If those conditions are not met, the $10,000 grant converts to a deferred zero interest loan.
  • Can also receive a matching funds grant up to $15,000.

*Educators were added in FY22

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