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Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Affordable Housing Program


Program Overview

The Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Program requires that most new (and some renovated) residential developments include some affordable homes. IZ homes are apartments for rent or condos/townhomes for sale.


  • Your household must meet the income requirements. Households that make 50%, 60%, or 80% of the Median Family Income (MFI) may be eligible for IZ units and households that make 30%, 100% or 120% of the MFI may still be eligible for other non-IZ affordable units. CLICK HERE to view current incomes, rents and prices.
  • Both the IZ units and non-IZ affordable units require a valid IZ orientation certificate and registration in the IZ program/database.
  • Households must have at least one person per bedroom.
  • Your housing costs may not be more than half (50%) of your income (before taxes).
  • You cannot be enrolled in a full-time college or university program.
  • You must live in the home as your primary residence.
  • You (or someone who will live with you) may not own other residential property at the time of lease or purchase.

Anyone who meets these requirements may apply. However, if you (or someone who will live with you) do not live or work in the District of Columbia, the odds are very low that you will be selected.

How to Begin

  • Step 1 - Orientation. Complete a two-hour IZ Orientation. CLICK HERE to find a class. Note: you must take a new class every two years and update your registration to apply for a home.
  • Step 2 - Registration. After you finish the IZ Orientation and receive a certificate, CLICK HERE to fill out the online registration form. You must complete this form to be registered for the IZ program.
  • Step 3 – Purchase registration (optional). Attend an approved eight-hour homebuyer class. (CLICK HERE for options.) When you get your eight-hour certificate, notify us at [email protected] or 202-442-7221.

Getting a Home

  • Lottery. Most IZ homes are offered by lottery only. This is a random drawing. IZ is not an emergency housing program.
  • Check your email. If you are registered, you will receive an email anytime a home is available for your income and household size. Check your email 1-2 times a week, including your junk, spam, or other folders.
  • How Often? Lotteries happen when homes become available. There is no regular schedule.
  • New information? If your information changes (income, household members, etc.) let us know at [email protected] or 202-442-7221.
  • Other housing options? Try & follow the directions for each listing.

After Renting or Purchasing an IZ Home

  • Households living in an IZ home may not rent out or sublet any part of the IZ home for any length of time.
  • Renters of an IZ home must prove residency, household size, and income each year.
  • Owners of an IZ home must prove that the home is their primary residence each year.
  • Owners of an IZ home who wish to sell/refinance must submit a Resale Price Request to DHCD and wait for a pricing letter.

IZ and ADU Forms and Resources

IZ Fact Sheet

IZ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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