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LSW FAQs for Homeowners

Why should I have work done on my home?

Lead-based paint may be causing an extreme danger to all individuals living in or visiting your unit, particularly children under the age of six.

Breathing in lead dust or consuming chips of lead-based paint can cause severe health and development delays to young children, pregnant women and otherwise healthy adults of all ages.

Is the removal of lead-based paint hazards required by law?

The law requires that owners of properties built prior to 1978 maintain dwelling units, common areas of multi-family properties, and child-occupied facilities free of lead-based paint hazards.

  • A lead risk assessment will be conducted (if it has not already occurred) to determine if lead-based paint hazards exist in your property. When it is determined that there is lead-based paint in your property, work will be scheduled to remove the existing hazards.
  • The Lead Safe Washington program provides funds to property owners to inspect buildings for lead-based paint hazards and, most importantly, remove those hazards to make your home safer.

Could I be permanently displaced from my own home?

No, homeowners will never be permanently displaced from units. By law, some work requires temporary relocation during construction; however, you will be provided financial and technical relocation assistance.

  • Your household will be eligible for relocation assistance during the construction period.
  • Your unit will not only be safer as a result of the work, but will look better.

What documentation do I have to provide?

The following list is not exhaustive. You will receive a comprehensive list from the community based organization when you make your appointment.

  • Copy of recorded property deed
  • Copy of current liability/fire insurance policy
  • Copy of tax certification affidavit
  • Last two paycheck stubs for all adults 18 and older in your household
  • Last two years income tax returns (Federal and local)
  • Birth certificate(s) for all children under six years old that live with you or visit your unit on a frequent basis
  • A copy of photo identification for all adults over 18 years old (Driver’s license or other Government issued ID)
  • Copy of any statement of other income (such as Disability, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation etc.)
  • One copy of your most recent bank statement