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Form 12 - 90 Day Notice to Vacate for Personal Use and Occupancy

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Form 12 - 90 Day Notice to Vacate for Personal Use and Occupancy

Disclaimer – Notice to Vacate (Eviction) Forms

The Rental Accommodations Division (RAD) provides notice to vacate forms as a public service, but use of these forms is not required by law. You may draft your own notice or use another, legally sufficient form. Due to recent legislative changes enacted by the City Council of the District of Columbia and pending regulatory updates by the Rental Housing Commission (Commission), RAD does not guarantee that these notice to vacate forms will meet all legal requirements currently in effect.

For applicable evictions provisions from the District of Columbia law:

Click here for the applicable provisions from the Landlord Tenant subchapter (D.C. Official Code 2001 ed., as amended, § 42-3201 et seq.);
Click here for the applicable evictions section of the Rental Housing Act of 1985 (D.C. Official Code 2001 ed., as amended, § 42-3501.01 et seq.); and
Click here for the most recent updates from the Commission (title 14, chapters 39 and 43 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, 2004 ed., as amended).

(1) A rental unit or housing accommodation must be licensed by the D.C. Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection and be registered with RAD before a housing provider may serve a notice to vacate on a tenant.
(2) A notice to vacate must be filed with RAD within 5 days of service on a tenant along with a certificate of service showing the date and method of service on a tenant.
(3) A notice to vacate must be served in English and Spanish no matter if a tenant is Spanish-speaking. Additionally, if the housing provider knows a tenant speaks a primary language other than English or Spanish, the housing provider must provide notice in that language. See the Commission’s regulations for guidance on covered languages.

If you do not have an attorney, you may wish to contact the DC Bar Pro Bono Center for legal assistance.