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DHCD to Hold Disposition Hearing for 32 Properties

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Hearing, to be held August 18, ensures that citizens are informed and have an opportunity to comment on the selling of the properties.

(Washington, DC) - The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday, August 18, 2010, at 6 pm at 1800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20020 to consider the proposed disposition of the thirty-two  properties noted below and the terms and conditions of the proposed Property Disposition Agreements.

Ward Property Address Square Lot Buyer Name Documents
6 813 4th Street, NE 0808  0069  Shah Kahn  Property Disposition Agreement
1 1444 Fairmont Street, NW  2665  0032  Jonathan T. Rubin  Property Disposition Agreement 
4236 Gault Place, NE  5093  0140  Setty & Associates, LLC  Property Disposition Agreement 
1444 Alabama Avenue, SE  5889  0815 Jayne D. Wallace  Property Disposition Agreement 
4338 Douglas Street, NE  5116  0115  Lawal Abdulganiyu  Property Disposition Agreement 
4906 Jay Street, NE  5176  0989  Eric Allen  Property Disposition Agreement 
105 Galveston Place, SE  6239  0082  Design Services  Property Disposition Agreement 
35 Forrester Street, SW  6240  0054  Daria Karimian  Property Disposition Agreement 
53 Forrester Street, SW  6260  0060  Ziad Kabbani  Property Disposition Agreement 
61 Forrester Street, SW  6240  0063  DC General Construction  Property Disposition Agreement 
1713 New Jersey Avenue, NW  0507  0016  Klaus Klatt  Property Disposition Agreement 
922 French Street, NW  0363  0034  Michael John  Property Disposition Agreement 
805 7th Street, NW  0889  0015  Manna, Inc.  Property Disposition Agreement 
627 Keefer Place, NW  3041  0012  Kramer Consulting, Inc.  Property Disposition Agreement 
1335 R Street, NW  0239  0804 New Heights Development, LLC  Property Disposition Agreement
900 Block of T Street, NW  0361  0806  Siyama Sadeghi  Property Disposition Agreement 
501 Rhode Island Avenue, NW  0475S  0033  Paramount Development, LLC  Property Disposition Agreement 
3022 Channing Street, NE  4355  0058  Abdullah Yildirim & Ahmet Baspehlivan  Property Disposition Agreement 
5 1940 Capitol Avenue, NE 4043 0014  Mi Casa, Inc. Property Disposition Agreement
1948 Capitol Avenue, NE  4043 0017  Mi Casa, Inc. see above
Capitol Avenue, NE  4045  0009  Mi Casa, Inc. see above
5 1839 Capitol Avenue, NE 4046  0002 Mi Casa, Inc. see above 
1835 Capitol Avenue, NE  4046  0805  Mi Casa, Inc.  see above 
1828 Kendall Street, NE  4048  0020  Mi Casa, Inc. see above 
1869 Corcoran Street, NE 4049  0802  Mi Casa, Inc. see above 
Corcoran Street, NE  4049  0801  Mi Casa, Inc.  see above 
5 Kendall Street, NE  4048  0802  Manna, Inc.  

Property Disposition Agreement
Amendment 1
Amendment 2

1840 Kendall Street, NE  4048  0013  Manna, Inc.   see above 
1849 Kendall Street, NE 4047  0053  Manna, Inc.   see above 
Capitol Avenue, NE  4045  0815  Manna, Inc.   see above 
Capitol Avenue, NE  4044  0017  Manna, Inc.   see above 
Capitol Avenue, NE 4044  0018  Manna, Inc.   see above 

The public hearing is being conducted in order to assure that citizens are informed about the selling of the properties identified above to the named buyers, and to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to present publicly their views concerning such sales.

The property disposition agreements are available for downloading in the table above.

If you would like to present oral testimony, you are encouraged to register in advance either by e-mailing Andrea Lee at [email protected] , or by calling (202) 478-1355.  Please provide your name, address, telephone number, and organization affiliation, if any.  Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) relay service is available by calling (800) 201-7165.  A sign language interpreter and language translation services are available upon request by calling Pamela Hillsman at (202) 442-7251.  If you require language translation, please specify which language (Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese-Mandarin/Cantonese, Amharic, or French).  Language translation services will be provided to pre-registered persons only.  Deadline for requiring services of an interpreter is 7 days prior to the hearing.  Bilingual staff will provide services on an availability basis to walk-ins without registration.

Written statements may be submitted at the hearing, or until 4:45 pm, Friday, August 13, 2010, and should be addressed to: Leila Finucane Edmonds, Director, Department of Housing and Community Development, ATTN: PADD, 1800 Martin Luther King Jr., Avenue, SE, Washington, DC  20020.