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Transforming Vacant and Blighted Properties

Thought its Property Acquisition and Disposition Division (PADD), the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) stabilizes neighborhoods by decreasing the number of vacant and abandoned residential properties in the District, and transforming vacant and/or abandoned residential properties into homeownership opportunities or District residents at all income levels.

Three Functions:

PADD has three main functions:

  1. encourages property owners to rehabilitate and/or occupy their vacant abandoned and deteriorated residential property;
  2. acquires such properties through negotiated friendly sale, eminent domain, donation or tax sale foreclosure when owners are unwilling or unable to maintain them; and
  3. disposes of properties in the PADD inventory by selling them to individuals or developers to rehabilitate into high quality affordable and market-rate single- and/ or multi-family for-sale housing in District neighborhoods.

Disposition Methods and Results:

  1. solicitation of offers;
  2. lottery; and
  3. auction.

PADD (including its earlier incarnations, the Homestead and Home Again Programs) has successfully acquired and disposed of hundreds of vacant, abandoned and deteriorated properties in the District and created affordable housing opportunities for District residents.

Vacant to Vibrant DC Initiative

More recently, DHCD placed approximately half of the over 90 sites currently in its inventory in some form of disposition between January 2015 and December 2017. On December 15, 2017, the Vacant to Vibrant DC initiative was launched to transform the balance of that inventory into vibrant and productive solutions, such as workforce housing and creative green space, and spur economic development.

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