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Services and Programs

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is committed to its mission to create and preserve opportunities for affordable housing and economic development and to revitalize underserved communities. We offer various programs and services that will best position our residents to pursue affordable housing opportunities at any income level. DHCD has also developed partnerships with highly qualified Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations, which provide additional services for District residents. For further information, please see a full listing of our programs below.

Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations

DHCD provides funding to highly-qualified Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations (CBOs) for Façade Improvements, Small Business Associations, and Housing Counseling Services. Learn more

Development Finance Division

Funds the development of rental properties, homeownership and community facilities. Learn more  

Housing Regulation Administration

Fair Housing Complaints: You can file a fair housing complaint with the DC Office of Human Rights by clicking here.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/fair-housing-complaints

Housing Provider Ombudsman: A resource for small housing providers to apprise them of the District of Columbia’s housing laws.
Learn More (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/node/10132

Housing Resource Center: Provide counter services to stakeholders and conducts meetings and training sessions for residents. Community Based Organizations, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and private groups utilize the HRC to conduct training, information sessions and meetings. University Legal Services maintains an office in the facility and provides free counseling services to homeowners, homebuyers and tenants on various topics.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/housing-resource-center

Inclusionary Zoning Affordable Housing Program: Creates mixed neighborhoods by exchanging affordable housing units for bonus density. Monitors and enforces Affordable Dwelling Units throughout the city.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/inclusionary-zoning-affordable-housing-program

Rental Accommodation Division: Administers rent control, eviction notices and applications.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/rent-control

Rental Conversion and Sale Division (CASD): Regulates the formation and registration of condos or cooperatives. CASD handles the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) as well as District Opportunity to Purchase Act (DOPA).
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/condo-and-co-op-conversion-and-sales

Rental Housing Commission: Serves District residents through enforcement of the Rental Housing Act of 1985, as amended, in order to preserve and increase the supply of quality affordable housing.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/rental-housing-commission

Program Compliance: To ensure that programs and funding recipients serve District residents as desired, DHCD conducts appropriate oversight.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/program-compliance

Property Acquisition and Disposition Division

Stabilizes neighborhoods by acquiring abandoned residences and lots to transform them into homeownership opportunities for DC residents.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/property-acquisition-and-disposition

Residential and Community Service Programs

Façade Improvement: A core part of DHCD’s mission is to revitalize communities. DHCD provides funding to highly qualified community-based non-profit organizations to develop storefront façade improvement projects in low/moderate income retail/commercial areas in the District of Columbia.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/storefront-facade-improvement  

Housing Counseling Services: Trains and counsels residents on foreclosure prevention or mitigation, credit counseling, home/budget management, homebuyers clubs, and relocation.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/housing-counseling

Home Purchase Assistance Program: Provides an opportunity for low to moderate income District residents to become first-time homebuyers with loans and grants for down payments and closing costs. DC government employees may also get Negotiated Employer Assistant Housing Program or Employer Assistant Housing Program funding.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/home-purchase-assistance-program

Lead Safe Washington Program: Funds the identification and control of lead-based paint hazards in eligible single and multi-family properties.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/lead-safe-washington-program

Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program: Provides loans and grants for home repairs for DC building code violations, remove threats to health and safety, including lead- based paint hazards and remove barriers to accessibility for persons with mobility or other physical impairments.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/single-family-residential-rehabilitation-program-sfrrp

Small Business Technical Assistance: The DHCD provides business support services to small and retail businesses in eligible commercial areas in the District of Columbia through a network of community-based non-profit organizations. Business support activity improves the overall economic viability of neighborhood commercial corridors by spurring new private investment, and by increasing business attraction and retention.
Learn more (link to) http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/small-business-technical-assistance